This is my Son

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*This is my son who grows about five pants sizes every Sunday. He’s a 4T top and a 3T bottom!
*This is my son who’s first words in the morning are “Where’d Duke go?” Followed promptly by “Doggie outside!”
*This is my son who today in nursery when told by his teacher about chickens on her farm looked at her like:”Lady
comes from McDonald’s drive thru…in a box…with a TOY!”
*This is my son who’s newest aversion is to shirts.
*This is my son who can say “Jessica” but is firmly convinced she belongs to Jim Craig.  It is going to rock his little world when we have to explain to him “Mama” is also a Jessica.
*This is my son who recently whenever he needs me screams at the TOP if his LUNGS like FAT ALBERT: MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Doesn’t matter what time of day morning, noon or night it’s that loud and that long.
*This is my son who’s new favorite answer to every question you ask him is “SURE!”
*This is my son who when I tried my hardest tonight to convince him that the asparagus before him was like a “green french fry” I kid you not ROLLED his eye at me. (A learned trait Ben assures me)
*This is my son who whenever a “Bampa” (Rob, Tim or Garth) walks through the door acts like the circus has come to town!
*This is my son who will be a big brother to another son of mine come August…raise your hand if your scared for my second born…raise your hand if you think  I should curb my son’s likeness to a UFC (ultimate fighting championship) fighter now or let the second one be more like Sadie? (tough as nails and has Nate to thank)
*Either way this is my son and he makes me laugh so hard I can hardly stand it!



Ahhhhh the MADNESS

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March Madness is very near and dear to our hearts at the Gaby house. Harm was born  in March…the year was 2007 the Cinderella: George Mason. It was a good March Madness year, a good one indeed. Just in case you’re wondering they re-broad cast the games around the 3:00am feeding time, we watched A LOT of George Mason that year at 3 in the morning. So every year since then (2 to be exact) we get a little nostalgic and sit down and watch A LOT of the madness. We await the inevitable losses (BYU-seriously you had them in your bracket? You knew better!) The disappointing times (Texas ) and the unavoidable blow outs (better luck next year Arizona). I came out from my bedroom tonight and found this going on in our living room:



I think it’s safe to say Harm has adequately and wholeheartedly embraced this Gaby March past time.

Just in case you’re wondering we are a house divided this year:


Everybody Loves DUKE

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What would I do with out a Duke in my life? I have no idea. For that fact and that fact alone I feel obligated to share this with those of you who do not have a Duke in your lives.
We were all home this Sunday. We were gathered around the kitchen having dessert after Sunday dinner. Duke very nonchalantly walks around the bar and asks my mom “Hey mom have you ever burped and “passed gas” at the same time? He continued “It’s really weird like hitting your funny bone on your butt!”
I about choked on my peach cobbler and ran from the room so he couldn’t see me. I laughed SO HARD I about wet my pants!  If you don’t think this is funny well…whatever. But if you could have been there to hear the AWE in his voice that his body was even capable of such a thing? It was totally blowing his little mind!




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Nate’s dog had puppies last week. 6 boys and 3 girls all black like their mommy. He’ll be ready to sale them in 8 weeks. Purebred, papered labs  if anyone out there is interested…even those of you in FLORIDA Nate says he’ll ship them anywhere.



We’re back!

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WHEW . Our blog was down and out for while sorry folks . Also sorry to those of you who have NOT been able to see my little baby neice yet!! SHE’S ADORABLE!!  I am going to visit her AGAIN tomorrow. CAN’T WAIT!

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