Marjorie Pay

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Tonight I was thinking about books I’ve read. Which ones stand out? Which ones I couldn’t put down? Which ones really actually made an impact on my life? There have been some (not a lot I’m a big scardy cat) that made me sleep with my arms, legs, and FEET touching Ben at ALL times, and some that made me LAUGH until my sides hurt.  When I stopped and thought about the ones that made me the HAPPIEST, or feel the most ALIVE I thought of my girl Marjorie Pay.


What a babe. I think she is my HERO. Can someone be your hero if you’ve never met them? What about if you really feel like in your heart of hearts you are kindred spirits? When I was living in O-CANADA  and I was missing the heck out of those crack pots I call mi familia I was reading Letters by Marjorie Pay Hinckley. I remember reading a part where she describes living in Denver missing her very own crack pot of a mother and thinking to myself…”Get a grip Marge.” I was one to talk.


When you read of this woman’s accomplishments alone it’s hard not to stand in awe. My favorite times to watch Marjorie in action was when she was with her beloved husband, President Hinckley.


We should all be so lucky.(There he is again NOT using his cane). I don’t know about you all but when she finally left this world and he would speak of her and he would weep I would weep with him, I am weeping right now. Not that any of you are surprised. I can only hope that she will make time in her busy schedule for me in the next life, we have MUCH to talk about.



The Gaby’s Go Whole…but don’t tell Ben

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So this last week brought a few doctors apointments for Harm. His ears were not getting better, his croupy cough was getting worse, he couldn’t really regulate his body tempeture. He would be cold and purple all over 1 minute, then burning up with a fever the next. By thursday he had us a bit worried. We took him to his specialist who was also very stumped. Harm has been on 2 different kinds of high powered antibiotics over the past few weeks and nothing is kicking anything. So we’re back to viral…which according to our pal Dr. Doble wouldn’t explain the corroding ear ooze which took over both ears last week.  Thursday he told me to take him home, give him pleanty of fluids, finish off the not-working-so-well antibiotics and added this as I was walking out the door…”You know I’m not sure what to tell you. At this point I would say you’re going to have to look outside traditional medicine to help your son.” I kind of walked all dazed and confused like back to my car. OK? Outside tradition medicine? What in the world does that mean? Well me and my trusty internet skills (because if I read it there I believe it!) I’ve been looking up things like “acidophilus” and “omega 3” all weekend. (Al I would love to pick your brain as well.) I was also able to take a course in Salt Lake Friday while at some continuing education courses on “Wellness” and “Natural Healing” and other such things I would have deemed as “nonsense” prior to my little visit with Dr. Doble.  I am starting to join the movement. I don’t know that we’ll be doing tofu and soy milk just yet.  (Ben is living in absolute TERROR that this will actually come to pass) I don’t think this town of ours even HAS a whole foods store but we’re going to try something different before Harm looses his hearing and I loose my MIND!


Ode to Ben

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Ben is a great husband and all around good guy. I probably don’t say it enough. He knows me pretty darn well. He knows that I hate to iron so he gets up every morning and irons my scrubs for me. He  knows it wouldn’t bother me to wear wrinkly scrubs but he also knows I was raised better so he does it anyway.  He knows I prefer Sweet-Tarts to chocolates any day of the week. He knows deep down I love him more than I love Jack Bauer. He knows I get excited about new cell phones (my Valentines present) and that I’m sort of a geek and like to read owners manuals cover to cover whenever I can. (Laugh if you want but to this day I’m the only one who knows how to change the light bulb in the fridge when it goes out and where to order a new one). He knows I firmly believe all computers are possessed by the devil so he does all of the techy maintenance around our house for me. He knows I am a sucker for a good chick flick and goes with me even if he really really doesn’t want to. Most importantly this week he knew I was missing my family.  As a result after all he did for me for Valentines, on top of it all, he called my mom and invited my available siblings to come stay with us for the weekend! It has been so much fun! Yesterday  Maddy and I went shopping at the mall, she got her first make over! Duke and Harm are wrestling themselves sick and making forts and the night is still very, very young.






Wow. It’s that Bad.

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Parenthood as defined by Webster:1 a: one that begets or brings forth offspring b: a person who brings up and cares for another A guardian; a protector.

Well 2 out of three ain’t bad.  Allow me to explain. Last week Harm got a cold. Last week Harm got a Z-Pac for said cold. Last Thursday Harm’s ear started leaking ooze. (It get’s worse so if you’re woozy at the sound of that you may want to check out now). Oozy ears are pretty common for Harm since he got tubes put in we see a little of that every so often. We didn’t think anything of it. Sunday night however the ooze turned into more of a constant drip drip drip and by Monday it was like the flood gates had opened and there was no stopping it. Poor Harm. Like an oozing ear isn’t bad enough his obsessive compulsive mother was constantly trying to clean it up. Wiping it, scrubbing it with warm water and a cotton ball. I should add he had no outward signs of the inward trouble that was brewing (quite literally) inside his ear. No fever, no screaming through the night, no pulling or scratching at it. So we were a little baffled to say the least. TODAY we finally got into see the ENT that put the tubes in.  Ben put Harm on the table and said:
“It’s been like this for a couple of days it’s pretty bad.”
Dr. Doble replied “Wow, it’s that bad.”
Dr. Doble in all his infinite ear, nose, and throat wisdom explained that not only did Harm have an ear infection but the INFECTION it’s self had become so intense that the ooze was corroding Harm’s inner and outer ear. Ya that white gunk mom had been trying to remove with hot water for two days straight was indeed CORRODED TISSUE, which would explain why it WOULDN’T come off his ear lobe or neck. We were issued new ear drops, another oral antibiotic AND specific instructions to not clean off the ooze only put baby oil on it so the skin can heal.

So for those of you who recently entered my name for the: Super-Good-Aswesome-Mom-of-the-Year-Award just a heads up you can  ask for it back.  I’m going to go rock my almost two year old…and bawl some more.


Nate and Jerica

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My brother Nate got married on Friday! Jerica is so amazing we are extremely EXTREMELY happy to have her in our family! They were brave enough to let Ben and I take their pictures. It was a ton of fun for us!

mom-dress mom-dress-3



















Here are some pictures I took just for fun…I don’t claim to be the Great Julie Parker (though I do aspire to be just like her when I grow up) These were really fun to shoot. Thanks to all my little helpers they were very patient with my “visions.”







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