“The Man”

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Harm has a new obsession. HORSES. Anything and everything to do with HORSES.  Grandma Gaby gave him a riding horse for Christmas and it’s taken off from there. A typical day at our  house will go like this:

Harm will present you with these:



HAVE to have the boots to watch The Man From Snowy River….ahhhhh child after my own heart! I was quite obsessed with Jim Craig back in my day. It has been a hoot watching these (Both The Man From and Return to Snowy River) with Harm. Ben is sure we’re both nuts as the cinematography is a little lacking but Harm and I seem to be undeterred by that fact.  It reminds me of my childhood so I’m sold. It has a 100 horses in it AT A TIME so Harm’s sold. I sat down to watch this masterpiece with my son (again) and I started cracking up watching Harm. When Jim rides, HE rides, when Jim falls off, HE falls off.  So we’re not really learning any IMPORTANT life lessons here, oh well I’m over it (and usually asleep on the couch by the end). It is inevitable that eventually I will have to explain to him just as my dad did to me that no they did not ACTUALLY IN REAL LIFE shoot Denny…it is JUST a movie, but for now the bonding experience is well worth it.






Ya miss me?

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First let me proclaim: I AM BACK. My blog has taken quite the “hit” this first trimester of my pregnancy and to all three of you who noticed and were worried about me (my mother and 2 sisters included) allow me to apologize. I have missed being excited about so much with you all. Kimmy has a house, Al passed her boards, Jake is potty trained (I actually came alive enough to give 2 thumbs up for that), Pioneer Woman is making SUSHI (really?)  CJane is on leave, and my sweet Nie Nie is back! If she can be burned in a plane crash, sleep for months and wake up to seize the day then darn it Jess PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE TOILET…SO CAN YOU!

It has been an interesting ride this #2 pregnancy.  A lot LESS stress with this one, a lot more puking. (if the nature of this post is already giving you the heebie-jeebies run, run away now).  Some of it is old news ie: bawling my eyes out at the Silvan Learning Center commercials. (You probably would have had to have been a 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade math drop out to understand) But yes they make me bawl. This time I was ready for the INTENSE desire to NEED a McDonald’s dollar menu cheeseburger at the drop of a hat, kind of caught me off guard with #1 but I have overcome it I assure you.(Side note: Why? Seriously why do they put them in malls? So rude to do that to a woman who can’t fit into anything in her closet to begin with, that is temptation and deflation all rolled into one and THAT my friends I have NOT overcome!)

The new things #1 did not adequately prepare me for with #2:
1)The constant need to sleep ALL THE TIME. Chasing after #1 is my most coveted past time but man oh man #1 is a machine, the kid could go all day!
2)  The speedy weight gain. What took me about 5 months with#1 has taken me 12 WEEKS with #2. Already an overachiever the little fart!
3) I am usually a very warm blooded person. #2 likes it cold. I am always freezing. I feel like Niki-socks, fuzzy pj pants, down comforters all just the STARTING line up when I sleep at night. It’s freaky. It’s strange…I sort of hate it.

There are a myriad of other things that would be equally as boring to a reader such as your self but this is a new leaf. A promise to myself to preserver through countless trips to the bathroom, cold chills and chronic fatigue. What is it really in the grand scheme of things?  Right? It’s nothing? I am so back!Besides my mom did this 7 times and look how well she turned out!


Just so you’ll know my level of serious-ness. That’s right I posted a picture of just me. I am so beasty!


The Big #19

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img_0727 img_0738 img_0737



Pictures worth 1000 Words

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To say these two are “close” would be a huge understatement!




The only bad thing about Duke and the girls (who refuse to let me post the morning picutres Ben took of them) coming to stay with us this weekend was when they had to leave! Harm walks around all day and all night begging for them to come back!


Harm and Josh

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We had the music cranked last Saturday while we were cleaning. Harm is quite taken with Mr. Groban.

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