We wish you the Merriest, The Merriest!

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We had a super good awesome Christmas Eve and Christmas! More to come later but for now enjoy!



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You are going to need to sit down. Are you sitting? NO really sit! OK I’m going to tell you this now so I HOPE YOU’RE SITTING.
WE ARE GETTING A CAFE RIO IN TWIN FALLS! This is big time. I don’t even know what to say? Who to thank? Where to start?!! With the pork salad (naturally) and top it off with the Salmon Tacos (a given). I am sooooooooooo overcome, overwhelmed and overjoyed.

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Bless my little pregnant heart I may just shed a tear. (OK fine maybe more than one!)


Bampa and Nama Save the Day

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It’s no big secret I am not the biggest fan of Santa Clause. I have apparently felt this way since I was 6 months old. It hasn’t been a real big issue since I out grew the big guy’s lap but now with Harman getting old enough to embrace St. Nick I have to admit, I’ve been dreading this day for a while. Well while we were in Utah this weekend enjoying Glenn Beck’s Christmas Sweater and Harman was in Rupert with his favorite Eames’! They took pity on me and went to the good old Rupert Square to see Santa Clause.
Buried head in Dad’s shoulder, ya he’s my flesh and blood. (Cuuuuuutest picture EVER by the way!)

He’s not screaming hysterically or arching his back? Give it a minute.

What the HECK? He’s sitting there? Not quite convinced but not quite traumatized either.

Well that pretty much seals the deal he is his father’s son! Even if he is just in it for the C-A-N-D-Y!


I Win!

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As luck would have it as we begin our Christmas festivities this year Ben is writing a 20 page research paper, studying for finals, and working. Sooooooooooooooooo (drum roll please) I got to BUY my Christmas Tree in the Fred Myer parking lot. It was such a RUSH! No slippery slopes, no ice patches of DOOM driving up Pomerelle Mountain. Just drove the van to the parking lot backed her right up to the front doors, strapped this bad boy to the top and scoot scoot sca-doo we were home in less than 5 minutes. No hacking 14 feet off the top and bottom, no shaking it down and spraying it for ticks (though I’m still not 100% convinced that it wasn’t necessary regardless.) I was also given the pleasure of decorating it by my self, we’ll kinda by myself. The Muppet Christmas Carol only distracted Harm for so long.

Yes I ran out of ribbon, headed back to Micheal’s tomorrow I’m so excited!

You know half of those decorations (the bottom half) will end up back in the box before morning.

Now here I sit on December 1st drinking Egg Nog with 7up and taking in my wonderful $34.99 store bought Christmas Tree. Minus the trip to the woods in a blizzard: PRICELESS. I showed Ben last  years footage (Click here) and he had to agree with me Freddy’s is the way to go.

Weekend Activites

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Don’t ask me how but my camera has NO pictures of Thanksgiving day on it. Not real sure how that happened so I’ll have to wait until my mom sends me hers. Until then here are some other fun things we did.

We fed the neighbors baby goats: (in our pajamas apparently)

Sadie, Daniel, and Nat got their teeth cleaned…yah we’re big party animals that way.

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