David Duke Eames Acres

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We went to the Pumpkin Patch in Rupert this weekend. It is such a fall must-have for me. We picked pumpkins, we frosted sugar cookies, Phantom-ed the Condie’s, and took in the glorious fall sunsets that only Idaho can offer. As always we were sad to leave. And yes there will be a worthwhile Duke Story at the end of this post!

Duke is quite the communicator these days. He is learning how to use “exclamation” points and just this last week he was Mr. Eilers’ Student of the Week! (Props to the kid there) While we were home he was trying to iron out how he was related to Ben, why our Dad wasn’t Ben’s UNCLE, so on and so forth. The interworkings of a 6 year old’s brain can be quite complicated, anyway we started asking him questions: What is Ben’s full Name? What is Jess’ full name. Duke, what is your full name? (He requested earlier that we call him David because it’s more “comfortable”) So when Ben asked Duke what his full name was he said: David Duke Eames Acres (pronounced A-ggers) The kid is a hoot! My mom so needs her own blog. The moral to this story is this: If you’re ever cruisin around Norland and you’re up for a good laugh ( the serious kind) stop on in to the peptol bismol pink brick house at bedtime and listen to the prayers of said 6 year old, you will not be sorry.



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**DISCLAIMER** My names is Jessica Gaby and I approve this message: While I endorse this establishment to the fullest, please do not confuse the facts (in evidence) that I am equally in love with and quite obsessed with Maggie Moos. (Where they do indeed have hot fudge Tam!)

It has come to my attention that there are those of you who do not know what SPOON ME is. ( A thought I do not take lightly) I am here to enlighten you. It’s an insanely great tasting frozen yogurt found predominatly in Utah at various locations. While I do not hop on the current “the world is melting we’re all going to die, minimize your carbon foot print ,Global Warming” bandwagon that seems to be all the rage thse days…I would definatly classify Spoon Me as a “Green” Fro-Yo establishment.
First we start w/ the Yogurt its self:

This stuff is DEVINE! Only 3 kinds, Natural, Berry (they call it something else but that’s the gist) and Green Tea. It is delicious. Fat-free. And low in calories. It’s also packed with live active cultures, vitamins, minerals, calcium, and all that other good stuff. (Both Mom and your digestive system would be proud.) And for you guilt-ridden types, there’s no artificial anything—flavors, colors or sweeteners. Plus zero table sugar. Zero fat. Zero guilt.
Now I know that last part sounds gross but really, it’s sensational I promise!
Next: You add your toppings. ANYTHING healthy you can possibly imagine. (well they have Oreo’s but Ben does not recommend it!) ALL sorts and kinds of fruit Nilla Wafers, Friuty Pebbles. This post is making me sad I don’t live close to one. I am often sad I don’t live right next to one. THE one in SANDY is right next to a DENTAL OFFICE. Can you imagine how that interview would go:
Doctor: So Mrs. Gaby why are you applying to work here at my office?
Doctor: Huuummm, Ok, what do you feel you can bring to the table here at my office?
Doctor: Alllllright. What do you feel your strengths and weaknesses are?
Yah I don’t see it going well at all. Good thing I’m here in Twin Falls where we don’t even have a Red Robin so chances of getting Spoon Me are slim!

Anyway here’s the website if you’re intrested in knowing more. I’m just happy I could pass along a little something that brings alot of joy into my own life. If you’re ever in Utah and happen to pass by one, stop on in and grab some for me, I’ll owe ya big!




8 Things

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I have been tagged by multiple people now one of which doesn’t even know me so this tag is all I have to show for my morning. I have a hard time thinking of 2 things about myself let alone 8 so this was the most difficult thing I’ve done all day. Good for me.

8 Things I’ve learned from my past:
1: People are more Important than things
2: Everyone is human we all make mistake
3: Ben does NOT snore if you roll him on his left side…HEAVEN!
4: Going to bed mad is ok as long as you don’t go to bed mad 2 nights in a row
5: It’s better to want something you don’t have than have something you don’t want.
6: You don’t always get what you want, but in the end you always get what you need.
7: The BCS is WACKED
8: Dirty men in crowded European elevators like to goose unsuspecting farm girls!

8 Places I would Love to Go or See:
1: Ireland-If someone could please tell the Catholics to play nice with the Protestants so I could go and not be scared out of my mind I’d appreciate it.
2: Nauvoo and walk down Parley Street like President Hinkley encouraged us to do
3: Pearl  Harbor
4: Boston
5: Butchart Gardens
6: Spain
7: New York/Washington
8: The new Calgary Temple when it’s finished! (That is so cool!)

8 Things I Currently Need or Want
1: A garlic press (no body likes to have their teeth cleaned by somebody’s who’s hands smell like garlic!)
2: A fence around my back yard and grass for Harm to play on
3: My sisters Nat, Sa Sa, Ivie and Maddy to live right next door to me! (A want and a need I assure you)
5: To be crafty and amazing like my Madre
6: Long hair
7: A food processor/Vita Mix
8: More food storage

TV Shows I love to watch:
1: Eli Stone
2: Jon and Kate Plus 8
3: Dirty Jobs
4: Glenn Beck
5: Sports Center (let me clarify, if I’m watching Sports Center it’s means Ben is sitting on the couch next to me which means he’s NOT studying which is a rare treat these days!)
6: Iron Chef America
8: House

8 Favorite Restaurants/Ice cream-like Establishments
1: Spoon Me
2: Market Street Grill
3: The Pie
4: Charlie Chan’s (It’s on the very short list of things I miss about Calgary!)
5: PF Chang’s
6: Guadalajara’s Lunch Buffet
7: Mimi’s Cafe
8: The Cheesecake Cafe

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1: Go on a Church History Tour
2: Snorkel (successfully) with my dad in the Caribbean
3: Have an all girls day at the Spa w/ my mom and sisters
4: Own property and retire on the Oregon Coast
5: Take Ben to Europe maybe get a greasy guy to grope him on the Eiffel Tower elevator?
6:Take up Golf (again) with Ben
7: Play football every year on Thanksgiving with my Kids.
8: Help my kids gain a solid testimony of the gospel and their Savior and let them know every DAY that Ben and I love them more than anyone else in the entire world!!!!!

8 Things that happened today:
1: Got sick in the wee hours of the morning
2: Called in sick
3: Spent the morning watching cartoons in my jammies with Harmm it was way fun!
4: Posted a comment on someone’s blog I frequent (because it’s a funny blog) yet they don’t know who I am or that I exsist. (It’s ok to blog stalk if you justify yourself first.
5: Made Bread. (ok well I’m in the PROCESS of making bread)
6: Sprinkler guy came by to blow out our sprinkler lines I was still in my jammies with a super awesome totally rad side pony tail going on!)
7: Convinced Harm it was time to take an early nap
8: Called my scouts and let them know there’s not going to be Den Meeting tonight. (I think the side pony tail would be more than they could handle.)


Week in Review

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Thus we see the end of Jessica’s spinning career. Not really, but let me just say it got worse before it got better. Wednesday night what a thrilling spectacle I made of myself. There are new instructors every night. It has it’s advantages and disadvantages I suppose. Take Instructor STEVE for example he was IN-TENSE. He’s like the Billy Blanks of the spinning kingdom. Oh ya, he’s covered head to toe in spandex. (he’s at least 65 years old)  He has more of a hands on approach though. (I have addressed my personal boundary issues on this blog before very apparently Instructor Steve does not frequent this blog.) He invited me, as I was the only one who’s name he did not know, up to the front of the class, helped me onto my bike, strapped my feet in (like seriously LOCKED them in to place…very dangerous for someone who suffers from hit and miss claustrophobia) and adjusted my back, arms, and legs numerous times. NO TOUCHY STEVE was singular thought running through my head for 45 minutes straight. And if that wasn’t enough Instructor Steve is not so much a fan of the 80’s music no, no Instructor Steve’s preferences swing more towards the 70’s vibe. You know the kind I’m talking about, the little ditties where the electric guitar plays for 25 minutes at the beginning, then  2 seconds of words followed by 25 minutes of more electric guitar? Very Miami Vice, VERY uninspiring! It was nothing short of torture. I can’t begin to lament the pain that I was in about 25 minutes into it. Steve however feels the need to get off his bike periodically and walk around re-adjusting people’s various limbs and posture (mostly mine!) Good Heck Steve it’s a YMCA spinning class not synchronized swimming, seriously we’re good. I am 100% positive Lance did NOT enjoy having his butt slapped by instructor Steve while he was making his rounds. So I mean it has been challenging and since we all know how I love a good challenge I’m waiting for the feeling to return to my bum bones so I can decide if it’s been worth it! I’ll keep you posted.
In other news:

Harm got new tub toys the little turtle is a ton of fun. We got it at Costco it swims around and squirts water like a sprinkler. It’s totally kosher that I’m enthralled toddler tub toy no worries.


Spinning Sweetly Spinning

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I recently went to the acupuncturist…why you say, because I really really just wanted to know what it felt like AND because the chiropractor told me there was nothing he could do for me. The acupuncturist suggested that I do yoga. (figures doesn’t it?) When I shot down Yoga (and yes I did have to explain to her I am the most inflexible human being on the face of the planet AND that I was given this title and humiliated daily by Mr. Rathe my 7th, 8th and 9th grade PE teacher when I couldn’t reach the 12 inch mark on the yard stick. Childhood humiliation #999) so after I told her all that she suggested spinning. Hummm OK fine sure spinning I can spin. I’ve never actually TAKEN a hard core full blow spin class but whatever I can ride a bike in place for 45 minutes. Pshhhhhhhht.

Today was the day. Ben is done with Monday classes so I went to the gym. I took my water bottle and my “stretchy pants” and went to spinning class. It was lovely. The room smelled faintly of armpit and boys locker room again ignoring that fact moving on to the rows and rows of bikes I cannot even begin to operate, adjust,t or maneuver myself into. I’m past that now and I’m on the bike and my feet are locked in perfect this is going lovely. I got there a little early so I watch people slowly start to trickle in. Enter Malibu Barbie-great I’m sure her size 0 pants are a little too snug so she’s here to work that tic tac off. She takes a seat to my direct left. Enter Lance Armstrong-I kid you not yellow spandex shirt, black spandex shorts and “spinning shoes”-there are such things I swear to you. He takes a seat to my direct right. Enter-For all intents and purposes which you will be made aware of later on in this story we will call the spinning instructor Coyote Ugly…she was quite pretty but trust me in a few sentences that will be besides the point!

Getting started. Awesome this is not too bad. I’m digging it. Then the lights turned off…OK weird but fine I’m open to new experiences. Then the 80’s music comes on! Seriously? SERIOUSLY!! If they play Lady in Red I am soooo out of here! Why 80’s music? It’s so happy? I don’t get it. Where’s PINK? She is quite consistently angry?

Coyote Ugly: Let’s get started. Position one and easy on the tension

Me: What? Position one? CRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrap. Bubble Gum Ballet images flash through my head First, Second, Third, back to first, no second, no third. CRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrraap! Tension? Huh? What is that? Are we spinning or sailing?

Coyote Ugly:(looking directly at me) IF this is your first time the tension knob is directly below the handle bars.

Me: Hmmm ok for sure, I get it now.  Right :harder Left: easier

Coyote Ugly: Just keep it relaxed. Nice and easy

Me: Dude there is not ONE clock in this place. Bummer. Wow, my rear is starting to really hurt.

Coyote Ugly: Position two turn your tension up up up!

Me: Holy cow Lance is spinning that tension knob like it’s a water shut off valve! OK let’s see what a few twists does to this bad boy. Ummmmmm no, not cool. Back down.

It would be at this exact moment I look up at the huge mirrors all gyms mandate you must put at the front of the class so that we can all see the flab swing left to right, back and forth. So there in the mirror in a sea of swinging flesh and cellulite there it is. Coyote Ugly, as we affectionately call her, is wearing a bright green thong and it is just hanging out in the mirror for all to see. That explains at least half the male attendance in this class now but still ewww.And you know the guy behind me is waaaaaaaaaaaaay bummed because no thong here just some loose fitting well breathing jogging pants.

ME: Good grief this is going to be the longest 45 minutes of my life. Can you tip these things over? That would totally bite. It would be a domino effect, hopefully to my right. I don’t think Malibu Barbie could take the fall, Lance would never forgive me. Whhhhoaaaa Lance easy does it champ save some for the end. Pretty sure Malibu hasn’t touched her tension knob ONCE this entire time. Are we almost done I cannot get air IN, air only going OUT.

Coyote Ugly: (Thong still sticking out for all the world to see) Alrighty we are 10 minutes from home guys! Keep that energy up we’re going to start the big hill climb!

Me: What the heck were we just doing? By this point I’ve figured out why the music is so loud, it’s so no one can hear anyone else swearing or dying under their breath. I’m not swearing yet but my rear has gone completely numb so it’s a moot point any way. HALLELUJAH 6 more minutes I can do this. Now I am focused, eye on the prize… the green thong of course! Let’s face it it’s a distraction. There are at least 100 million ways to mock a green shinny thong and forget that you feel like the seat has permanently wedged it’s way in between your cheeks! Maybe Malibu would give me the other half of her spinning seat she’s NOT using? It’s a thought.

Coyote Ugly: Alright! You did it!! Don’t stop completely, we need to cool down. Ride it out.

Me: Is this chick for real?!! I step off the bike. Yikes! Am I walking? Am I standing? I can’t feel anything below my waist. This is weird. I take a step. HOLY WOW! I walk bowlegged and all Wyatt Erp down the stairs (very risky business being numb and all) to my car.

So ya that was my first spinning class at a glace. We’ll see what tomorrow holds. Make sure and askme about it so I don’t chicken out and bail on tomorrow night. Not on the class or the seat wedgie but the green thong 2 nights in a row may be more than I can take!!!

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