The Smell of Potato Dirt

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They don’t make a candle that smells like potato cellar at least not that I’m aware of.  So we headed down to Rupert this weekend so we could get our fill of Harvest and the smell of potato dirt! It’s a sickness really, we’re well aware to most it sounds quite gross. It’s like Duke said at breakfast “There’s nothing like the smell of dirt in the morning.” I guess you have to be from the farm to understand, try not to think less of us. It was Uncle Curt and Harm’s first trip to the cellars. Harm found a funky looking potato and we ended up at Penny’s for lunch!


When Grandma Comes

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We Love it when Grandma Cari Comes.

She brings bags of goodies:

She helps us put on the new boots she brought us:

She kisses our cheeks and leaves her lipstick…ewwww Grandma gross!

Also she gives us a sucker which we lick once and stick in our belly button. (WE being Harm apparently the kids never had a sucker before…kinda gross, kinda too much information)



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This was a funny post I saw on a friend’s blog So I thought I’d ask Ben what he thought my quirks were:

?-He couldn’t think of any…too busy watching a super intense LSU vs. Aburn game. I guess I’m on my own.

1-I love to organize stuff. My favorite thing in the world is when everything has a place. If there’s no organization then there is chaos and confusion which generally leads to me being a gigantic slob. (I’ll admit that last part openly so Natalie doesn’t bring up the many years we shared a room as a counter-argument.)

2- I don’t hug. I’m not a hugger. It’s nothing personal, I just have personal space issues, that’s all. We’re average huggers in my family I’d say. We’re just not OVERLY huggy people that’s all.

3- This may be more of a pet peeve than quirk but there’s no real point to this post anyway so I’m over it. Anyway I HATE IT when grouchy people are in a customer service positions. If you hate people,  WHY do this to yourselves? WHY do it to us the well meaning public who has to put  up with you and your grumpy self? It just seems backwards to me. If you don’t do well with other people then get a job as a clerk, or filing something or book keeping in a basement somewhere where you never have to answer a phone.  Leave us happy sun shiny people to our happy sun shiny ways! NUFF SAID.

4- I have a bit of an obsession with Lysol wipes. I’m like the dad in MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING was with Windex. I’m pretty sure they can cure, dissolve and clean anything. (You know it’s bad when the first thing your kid goes for to clean up a mess is the white bottle AND and he knows how to open the flip lid and pull one out.)

5-Controlling by nature I have a hard time relinquishing control in most situations. I have come a long ways since giving birth to the single most stubborn child I KNOW but I still have a long ways to go.

6- I hate it when the bottom of the toliet bowl (the part where the valve on the back is) get’s dirty and looks all scuzzy. I clean that part and the white baseboards in the bathroom religiously! I realize no one ever notices things like this. Have you ever been to my house and gone “WOW that toliet bowl base was SUPER spotless, like new even!” I didn’t think so. Again I’m over it.

7- On a daily basis I to routinely stupid things. For instance I will open the pantry door stare, wait 5 to 10 seconds then say to myself “What am I in here for?” Or  this most recent one was particularly stupid. I go to Dairy Queen to buy my hard working, super hard studying hubby a blizzard just to get out of my car,  go to hand it to him and drop the entire thing spoon and all upside down on the cement floor. Nice.

8- I hate Seran-Wrap. What’s the point? It’s a mell of a hess to deal with. I usually end up wadding it up and throwing it all away anyway. Tin foil is where it’s at. I’m waaaay into it. I’m sure to pull off the swan left over wrap any day now.

So now what are yours? You can leave them in a comment or post them to your very own blog. Come on it’ll be fun!


Duke: Your Financial Advisor Will See You Now

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This is an email I got from my mom this morning. They must really be kicking things up a notch a old Acequia Elementary. I love this kid!

Hey Kids,

Duke just informed me he heard it on the news: HE NEEDS TO GET HIS MONEY OUT OF BANK NOW!! He struggles with the whole concept of “savings.” When he pays his tithing we put money in a savings envelope as well. We will eventually take this accumulated money and put it in his savings account at the bank. He can not wrap his head around the fact that someone else needs to hold his money for him. He insists, “I can do it myself Mom!” Today, he got it from the authorities. Go Get your money OUT of the bank and put it under your pillow.  I believe he was quoting Meredeith Viera (somewhat.) Just think what’s going through his mind… He can keep it in his own bedroom and spend it when he wants! He’s got it figured out. He just came and found me and informed me that the bank is trading OUR money for more money so they can buy more suckers! The Dow drops 500 points-worst since the Great Depression- while the traders on Wall Street mourn their losses and consider taking their lives…-a little boy in Idaho is liberated! YES!
Hold on to your shorts and your money,


Nursery Quandary

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**Apparently I had some technical difficulties with this the first time I posted it so I’m trying it again****

This is an all points bulletin to anyone who cares to listen and contribute. Both will be equally appreciated. Harm turned 18 months September 1st. So naturally Ben and I did the Balki Bartokomous (see Wikipedia for “Perfect Strangers” but if you were an 80’s baby and didn’t watch PERFECT STRANGERS you are dead to me!) Anyway we did the Balki Bartokomous Dance of JOY all the way to Church the beginning of this month. Come nursery time it was a big FAT no go from Harm. He totally lost it the minute we turned the corner and he saw the “half door” leading to the land of toys and fishy crackers! I was shocked. So for the last 3 weeks we’ve been sitting in there with him. I’m all for it. I quite enjoy fishy crackers . (Is it ok that the homemade play dough makes me gag though? ) Anyway back on point here, we are all tapped out. We came home today pretty deflated about the entire event. We don’t know what to do. We obviously can’t stay in there with him. That would make the transition to Sunbeams quite awkward. So since I already looked on Amazon.com and they don’t make a “GETTING YOUR KID TO GO TO NURSERY FOR DUMMIES” I ask you for your thoughts, comments, concerns, ideas. Much Obliged.

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