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Am I sad? Sure I’m sad. (The end of my nights on the couch means it’s back to the gym and no more Ben and Jerry’s) But in the words of my beloved mother “We had a good run!” We witnessed amazing, phenomenal, unbelievable, and “epic” (not sure when we’ll be able to use that word again 8 times in a row?) Do I still question the ages of any and ALL Chinese gymnasts? You bet. Is there full fledged doping investigation in Jamaican running team’s future? Probably. But I for one can sit back and say good buy to Beijing because lets face it, we had a blast while it lasted! All wrapped up nicely into a little farewell ceremony where my favorite part was definitely where they gave Jackie Chan a microphone. So I’ve see the last of Bob Costas for a few years it’s ok I’ll survive. Vancouver is only two very short years away. I’ll see ya then same bat time, same bat chanel!


My heart goes out to these 3!!!

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First day of school. Well not officially for everyone just the “newbies” Let me explain. Those who will be attending their assigned schools for the first time this year had to attend a “pre” first day of school. A dry run with out the ominous seniors lurking in the bushes (Ivie’s first day of 9th grade at Minico.) The first try at your new locker combination (Maddie’s first day as a 6th grader at East Minico) and last but NOT least the first day on the school bus!! (Yes hold on to your hats as DUKE takes on his first day w/ Mrs. Eilers and Kindergarten at Acequia!!)

I cant’ even begin to tell you how mixed my emotions are at this time. IVIE is going to MINICO?!!! My little Ivie who just yesterday I SWEAR was running around saying “DOGGIE SIDE DOGGIE SIDE” and screaming bloody murder when we’d try to go through the car wash??!!

Or Maddie? MY MADDIE who gave her permission to be an East Minico PIRATE?!! Those halls are for hoodlums and rif-raf not my Maddie. I want to go back to simpler times you know when all I had to do was teach her things like how to stick her tongue out and say “WHATZZZZ UPPPPPPP?!!”

Duke? I tried all summer to prepare myself for this but I’ve got nothing, I’m a raw emotional WRECK of a person today. DUKE is riding the bus? Duke should still be riding high a top Ben’s shoulders with out a care in the world.

But like sand through the hour glass so are the days of our lives and I succumb to the fact that my baby siblings are moving onward and upward. I love this picture Ivie your typical 9th grader being pushed onto the bus by Maddie an unknowing 6th grader:

And here’s our all star KINDERGARTNER:

I can’t wait to see which one of these kids had the “best” day? A little Ace of Base for you listening enjoyment. Does Ace of Base SCREAM Junior High to anyone else but me? And blue Jeeps, blue Jeeps definitely remind me of East Minico!


The Northside is Burning

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Monday I went to spend the day in Rupert. Various reasons really but mostly because I missed those crackpots. My dad called my mom and I while we were in town to tell us the land NORTH of the NORTHSIDE (you will only understand this post if you are or ever have been a “Northside” homie.  (Can I get a WHOOO WHOO) Anyway THAT land was on fire. It got to be so out of control they called in helicopters to pick up water from the Minidoka Dam and bring it out north to fight the fire.  You will also not know being a “foriener” to the northern parts of this region that this was a big goings on for  Northside residents as it take very little cause a ruckus.

Look closely you can see the helicopter come back from the dam.

25 bucks to the person who can give me the coordinates of where I was standing when I took these pictures.
COME ON I know there are some current as well as NON current Northisde dwellers reading this!


HE is the Champion…Of the World!

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WOWZA! I feel like I got to be the teeniest, tiniest part of something so huge tonight. My mind has been a vast vortex of all things Michael Phelps for the past two days! I have not been this obsessed with a single athlete since my short (but profound) Scottie Pippen phase of 93. Starting off last night with that amazing one onehundreth of a second win over Milorad Cavic (of Serbia). Who had this to say of Michael prior to the race:

“As much as the world would like to be entertained to see Michael Phelps get eight gold medals, I don’t want to give it to him. I hope to stand in the way. I hope to slay the dragon. I don’t know if I can even say that, but I did just say it. And that’s kind of what it is. Everyone has this idea that he’s unbeatable, and he’s not. I think I’m going to have a shot.”

Probably didn’t go the way Cavic (who resides in Orange County by the way) wanted to see it go. But go it did! I have never screamed so loud in MY LIFE. Harm got in on the action and consequently was screaming at his beloved Teletubbies this morning to “GO-GO-GOOOOO!” (Whoops) I got the biggest KICK out of Michael’s mom she was hilarious with her 2 fingers in the air we were right there with ya babe, we all thought for sure he’d blown it! But Michael Magic was IN THE AIR because a half stroke as oppose to a “stride” was the difference. Yes I do proclaim to be an expert on and in all things 100 meter fly at this point! (Just as I become a world renound voice coach during American Idol, though I cannot carry a tune in a bucket!)

Back to business. I absolutely loved the part where the Serbian coach sends the paper work in to “contest” Michael’s win. LOVE-LY. I mean if it was like FRANCE or POLAND or somebody like us I’d be like “Oh Ok fine check the mechanisms, look at the instant replay” but it’s CHINA we’re talking about here, they’re like the Universe’s Geek Squad. I’m sure they were offended, and rightfully so. Then TONIGHT TONIGHT was the night I proudly STOOD up next to all of you (metaphorically speaking of course) and rose from my couch of comfort and screamed like I have never screamed before. (I am positive Michael himself heard me. If not Michael then at least the greater population of Twin Falls County). Witnessing him take the 8th gold medal of this the 2008 Olympics was epic, astounding and down right mind blowing!
No disprespect to this guy though:

It’s all good Spitzy I’m sure if you hadn’t been victim to the SPEEDO or MAGNUM PI ‘stache he’d have nothing on you. That said there’s no doubt in my mind Michael Phelps, my Scottie of the Mellenium, is the greatest athlete on earth at this moment. I will be contacting ESPN myself to tell them I said so.


HEP-TATH-A-LON Say it w/ Me Now…

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Nope. I had NO Clue what a HEPTATHALON was it’s ok that you didn’t either. Are we not all SOOOOOOOO glad we become educated on the finer points of track and field every four years? I surely am. So to begin let me first quote my good friend Gus Portukalos from my all time favorite movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding :

“Give me a word, any word, and I show you that the root of that word is Greek.”

But I don’t know Greek so let me tell you what this little gem of a website (WIKIPEDIA) told me about this fine event. And for the record I do in fact believe everything I read on Wikipedia so here you go:

heptathlon is a track and field athletics combined events contest made up of seven events. The name derives from the Greek hepta (seven) and athlon (contest). A competitor in a heptathlon is referred to as a heptathlete. (Which I am putting on my list of things I want to be when I grow up right under professional pole dancer.)

ANYWAY here are a list of events these fine tuned athletes must perfect and conquer:

I am tired just reading the list. Which brings me to my next point which indeed needs to be made. It is a bit uncomfortable watching these professional athletes with their washboard ab’s and their amazing quads:

(Yes I’m talking about you ladies)

I feel a little bit lazy as I lounge on my couch in my cut off sweats (elastic is quite a durable material I assure you) and baggy T-shirt which belongs to my hubby. I could medal in couch-holding-down it’s got to be on the list. But then we change over to the shot put finals:

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I’m feeling much more comfortable w/ my Ben & Jerry’s carton in hand.

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