Julie Parker Photography

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Julie Who you may be saying? Well Julie Parker is the photographer that took Nat and Curt’s Engagement/Bridals/Wedding pictures! She’s very VERY talented! And since I for one am NOT sick of looking at Nat and Curt’s Wedding pictures here’s her blog where she posted a few that she did! AMAZING Stuff! http://julieparkerphotography.blogspot.com

Here’s her website address as well…if you’ve got some time on your hands and you feel like perusing, she really is great at what she does! http://www.julieparkerphotography.com


The Temple, Cross Dressing, Baby Cole, and Splitting Your Head Open (but not necessarily in that order)

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WOW we’ve had 1 fun weekend!
Friday night the Fam came up from Rupert and we attended the Temple Open house. Before we left we had a BBQ here at our house. Just seconds before all the beloved Aunts, Uncle, Cousins and most importantly Bampa and Bama (Grandpa and Grandma) walked in Harm took a nose dive off the kitchen table and landed just so that he split the back of his head open. No too bad but LOTS of blood. Grandpa assured us we did not need stitches or a trip to the ER.

With that small ordeal behind us we went to the Temple. What a beautiful place! I am so excited it’s finally HERE!

Saturday we stayed home (shocking I KNOW) and watched the Twin Falls Air Show out of our back yard. The Blue Angles were AMAZING! NO pictures sorry. (Our little Cannon Power Shot can only do so much) When Ben and I came back in from watching the Air Show this is what we found going on in our bedroom. SCANDALOUS Little TROLLOP! (I taught him better than to wear the sling backs with shorts!)

At least MAYBE now he has a greater appreciation for what I go through every Sunday I try to wear these and chase him around the cultural hall!
Later that night Cousin Cole came with his Mommy and Daddy. He is staying with us this WHOLE week. We are pretty excited to have him. Harm is thrilled to have a buddy. Look at these two innocent cuties! Something tells me I DON’T EVEN KNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!


The Dance

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Harman’s and Newman’s alike: We have the BEST Uncles EVER!!

Enough said.
Ok I can’t leave it at that. ARE THESE NOT THE MOST CRAZIEST GUYS ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET?! I love them all! They said “OK now it’s time for the Uncle’s Dance” and I’m not gonna lie to ya it took some of them a minute or two to get to the dance floor but seriously? They are good sports and I think they even had fun to boot!!


Down but NOT Out!

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This was how our day started-

6:45 am Report at the Sawtooth Surgical Center bright and early for Harm to get tubes placed in his ears.

7:15 am We’re escorted back to our room where Harm and mom are easily entertained (and distracted) from looming and inevitable surgery by J.A.G on T.V. where they longingly reminisce about the good old days and 5 AM feedings after Harm was born.

7:30 am Nurse (tries) to take (carry) Harm back for the proceedure. Harm insists we put his Crocs back on and WALKING himself into surgery. Mom sits a nervous wreck in recovery room for her baby to come back to her.

8:15 am Mom and Dad hear Harm screaming in Pediatric Recovery as he comes out of the anesthesia. Nurse carries Harm directly to his Dad the screaming and mass hysteria continue.

8:30 am We walk out of surgical center and head home.

8:45 am screaming is over calmness and tranquility are again restored through the therapeutic powers of TELLITUBBIES. (yes yes we heart Tellitubbies)

9:00 am Sleeping….soundly

10:00 am Mom leaves for work and Dad holds down the fort. Harm is as good as new after his nap and up and running full steam ahead.

6:00 pm Mom comes home from work to a trashed house BUT two very happy, well bonded boys. (ahhh life is good!)

Here are some pictures from today’s events. Notice no PRE-OP pictures as this family’s main photographer was a nervous WRECK-more later on my tribute to parents who have to send their children into major and minor surgery! We are very grateful for everyone’s calls and concern. More so for me than for Harm. Those who know me know me well!

So all’s well that ends well. I really REALLY take my hat off to parents and loved ones every where who sit in waiting rooms and recovery areas anxiously waiting the screaming and puking to commence! BLESS YOU ALL!!!!


Best Wedding Ever!

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