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WOW MY Dad is an amazing individual and this past Thursday was his birthday. I love my dad more than any of you will ever know! He tells it like it is and keeps us in line when I need a reality check or just someone to talk to I call him. He’s always doing things for others and I have learned so much just by watching him serve. When I watch him playing with Harm sometimes I get a little choked up (SHOCKING I know) he is so fun to be around and Ben and I are very thankful and grateful to have him in our lives!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMY WE LOVE YOU!

We have a tradition my Grandma Shirley started on my dad’s birthday we have pancakes and root beer for breakfast. GOOD TIMES!

I know I’m not sure about this picture either but they both crack me up!


First time for Everything

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For my birthday my Mom and Dad got me a Wheat Grinder I was totally stoked! FOREVER I’ve been telling Ben I’m going to learn how to make the wheat bread my mom makes that he LOVES! With rising $$ EVERYTHING $$ prices I decided it was time learn to make homemade bread. I ALSO got a bucket of wheat from my Grandma Edna Lou (couldn’t make wheat bread with out it!) Thanks guys!

I didn’t waste ANY time getting to it! We ground the wheat last night. Everyone Helped!

That will probably be the last time Ben and Harm get that close to the action however, they started sneezing and wheezing and didn’t sleep too well last night!
This morning BRIGHT and EARLY (because that’s the only time homemade bread will work) I started baking…

It was right about NOW that I was getting nervous and almost called my mom for help! The loaves before they rose in the pan were PATHETIC! Obviously presentation went out the window about 5 seconds into it!

The did really well after I let the rise in the pan and cooked them though! Waiting for them to cool so I could cut into them ( just KNOWING I’d find a big lumpy blob in the middle) took FOREVER! But LOOK:

So if anyone’s in the neighborhood HOT Bread at the Gaby’s! I don’t think Great Harvest will be calling me up any time soon but there’s a sense of accomplishment here!


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WOW-What a fun weekend we had! Hands down one of the best birthdays ever! Ben is sneaky with his blog postings as well and planning surprise weekends in Salt Lake! He is too good to me! Everything from the moment we left Rupert was a Surprise and totally in Ben’s hands, I would give him a 100 out of 10 hands down! Here’s the rundown:
We got to hang out w/ Nat and Curt all weekend here are some pictures of my NEW FAVORITE place, no fair it’s all the way in SLC! I can’t stand being so far away from it now that Nat got me ADDICTED!!! Ben was not the biggest fan as it’s frozen YOGURT (just the right amount of TART) and only comes in a few flavors chocolate NOT being one of them! But seriously it’s YUMMY! (For Clint and Syd: YUMMY YUMMY!)

We went to:

The Provo Temple, (as we missed the Timp. temple exit!) Stupid ,Stupid! Anyway shopped in Provo, ate lunch at my all time favorite Salad Bar stop: PIZZA FACTORY (I’ll do anything for a good salad bar trip!) Shopped at the Gateway, ate Dinner at The Garden atop the Joseph Smith Memorial Building w/ Elder Ballard and his family a table or two away (don’t worry I was good didn’t even embarass myself!) Shopped some more (do you see a theme here?) Ben was a real sport and not that he’d ever want me to admit this out load but he POSSIBLY, MAYBE could keep up with the best of them Tweet included! Sunday we got up and did the Brunch at Little America w/ Nat and Curt (don’t worry there I DID manage to embarass myself!)
Then we came home where Harm was chillin with his Aunts and Uncle.

We had a Birthday Party for the “June” birthdays me and my dad.

Harman was a great present opener!

So that was the weekend at a glance! It was great! Thanks to everybody for making it happen and to all those who called/posted/text/ me a Happy birthday!
I Love you guys MORE than a potato cellar!



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If you didn’t know already, Jess turned 26 today! So I thought I’d post a little something in tribute to her and these last 26 years.  So sit back, relax, laugh, and then leave a reply.  If you have any funny stories definitely post those as well as you wish Jess a happy 26th Birthday.




Fantastic Fathers

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We had a Fantastic Father’s Day in Rupert.
Harman’s gift to his dad…how did he know it’s JUST what he wanted?

MY mom made these two guys an amazing breakfast. Thank goodness for 11:45 church! They were good sports and stayed in their PJs! (sorry about the dark picture bad flash photography I guess!)

My Aunt LaRue’s family came over for dinner it was great. James and Tessa have 2 little (well not very LITTLE but very CUTE) boys and Jayden is 1 month older than Harm, they are the same size so it’s fun to watch them play! Too bad they wouldn’t hold still long enough to get a picture! Here are all the boys/Dads!

Me and Harm just wanted to say how much we love our dad! He is a wonderful, patient fun loving guy who takes such good care of us and we don’t know what we’d do with out him! Here’s to you dad!!

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