The House is Almost Done!

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I can’t believe it! We’re moving into our new house on Saturday. I went and checked it out today on my lunch and it looked pretty awesome.


We’ll call this post: WHY MY PANTS DON’T FIT

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It’s not a secret the food aboard a cruise ship is AMAZING. (At least this cruise ship’s food was anyway!) AND after 7 nights and 7 days of it THIS is why my pants are a little bit tighter than usual!

Here is a “Typical” night at our dinner table. I will not eve try to act like it wasn’t embarrassing sitting by me (poor Clint) we tried new things every night! On this particular evening Clint asked that I document everything I ate…looking at these pictures I’m torn between wanting to GO BACK and wanting to throw up from the THOUGHT of all I consumed. (it was sweet though)

THIS is the man who made it all possible, our waiter VERNON from INDIA! “Yummy, Yummy” he would always say before he took our orders! Hilarious!

Some people grumble and complain about dressing up on formal nights, we had a great time and it just so happen that one of the formal nights fell on our anniversary (5 years feel’in like that’s something to celebrate!)

So after your dinner you go back to your room to find it all nice and neat and one of these cute little things! And as if DINNER wasn’t enough there was a midnight buffet and you can bet I was not going to miss out!

And that sums it all up! Perfectly relaxing and fabulous! I can defiantly say these are memories I will never forget! It was great to be in the same place as friends and as a couple to hang out together, get some girl talk in with out kids needing a diaper change or having to hurry off to work. Thanks a million to everyone who helped out while we were gone and to Clint and Syd for being the best friends ever!

On a side note we came back to an ALMOST finished house and found out yesterday we’ll be moving this weekend!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh we’re moving again! Ben is packing as we speak and I am getting dirty looks for being overly obsessed with blogging!!



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4 Words: LOS VERANOS CANOPY TOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was our adventure day and HOLY COW it was spectacular! We did a little zip line canopy tour high a top the mountains of Puerto and it was THE BOMB! We took bus ride up the mountain (very interesting) and then we we got all harnessed up. Fully equipped with helmets and gloves we proceeded to walk (straight up) the mountain. It was hot, we were in our swimsuits that was fun, but it was ALL worth it once we started zipping! I only have a few pictures of me and Ben ziplinning. (It’s hard to take pictures of yourselves) You’ll have to visit Clint’s blog as well because I’m sure he has footage as well.

At first you zip only a short way 80 meters or so just for practice. Each line has a name, below was my personal favorite! THEN before you know it your zipping over rivers and ravines! We had a BLAST!

Video to be posted shortly.

MAZATLAN-Pueblo Bonito

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A lesson learned in Cabo when we hit Mazatlan we were all about finding a GOOD BEACH! Right as we walked off the boat we were bombarded by nice men asking to come with them. We did and a crazy cab ride and “a little” over 90 minutes later we were enjoying ourselves on the nicest resort Mazatlan had to offer PUEBLO BONITO. It was a TIMESHARE presentation. Again thanks to Clint we got out of the “meeting” with all our money and FREE FOOD and DRINKS for the rest of the day! It was beautiful, defiantly the right way to do Mazatlan!

I think we could all agree this was the most RELAXING day we had the whole trip!


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Ahhh Cabo holds a very dear spot in our hearts. It was the first stop and we really didn’t know what to expect. We were kind of in GO WITH THE FLOW mode. Clint kept all the cabbies honest and right off the bat it was obvious our bartering skills were insufficient. We took a BIKE CAB into down town Cabo. These poor guys got the raw end of that deal!

The day started off with a walk around mainstream Cabo, shops, restaurants, touristy stuff. We asked a local where he would go to eat. He told us “LILLY’S” so we walked around for 20 minutes in the blazing heat trying to find LILY’S only to round a corner to find him standing under a sign that read PATY’S he was waiting for us to make sure we got there ok. The food was good and the Mexican Soap opera we got to watch was entertaining as well.

After lunch we took a glass bottom boat ride to LOVERS BEACH right next to Cabo’s main attraction LOS ARCOS. It was going to be GREAT, laying on the beach trying our hand at snorkeling…

The water was pretty…PRETTY FULL OF JELLYFISH! Me and Ben decided to go snorkeling first while Clint and Syd took pictures and stayed with our stuff. So I am getting a Snorkeling 101 from Ben while standing in the ocean not really paying attention to the waves or the tide and I get smacked from the front tide coming in and from the behind the tide going out! UNDER I go and this is where it gets fun, my ENTIRE swimsuit fills up COMPLETELY with sand. Not nice sand (if there is such a thing) BIG PEBBLE-Y sand everywhere but most importantly in the lining of my swimsuit. So I try to stand up and I am instantly about 150 pounds heavier because I am WET and full of sand. What is a girl to do? I march out of the ocean on to the beach full of HUNDREDS of tourists mostly those from our ship, and drag my sand ridden body back to our towel and Clint and Syd. Who we warn that this is not the most ideal spot for snorkeling beginners. Lots of other people were having loads of fun but the boats coming and going were making for choppy water and the tide was obviously a challenge. Meanwhile I am still full of sand and it’s in places sand should NOT be. Ben decides we should swim out to sea and try to de-sand me. Out we go fun stuff I am underwater SAFE from the public eye brushing sand out of EVERYWHERE exposing myself to the ocean bottom…AND YES as it turns out a group of about 20 snorkelers UNDERNEATH me who I don’t realize are there until I am all done giving them all a good flashing. LOVELY the only thing left to do besides DIE is get out of the water back to my towel. (Lining of swimsuit still full by the way nothing I could do about that.) Just as I’m going to stand up I get this feeling on the back of my leg like I’m being electrocuted underwater. (Kind of like when you touch those fences!) Run screaming from the ocean, swimsuit full of sand, leg swelling up by the second. Turns out a “pod” or “heard” or whatever the heck you call them of jellyfish swam in that afternoon and nobody bothered to tell us. I wasn’t the only one to get stung on our ship some people got it much worse but I hope to never experience jellyfish again!

This is the only pictures I have of the whole expereince but Clint assures me he took some more with Big Bertha. (CAN’T WAIT) Kind of lame but I just wanted to get back to the boat ASAP. Thank you Clint and Syd and Ben for going with me even though it meant an abrupt end to our day in Cabo!

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