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Here’s the latest “version” of our house. No one can really give us a move in date yet so that part is still up in the air but it’s starting to take shape on the inside now!


image_044.jpg image_048.jpg

Drywalling, mud, and tape:

image_078.jpg image_069.jpg

image_068.jpg image_072.jpg


image_039.jpg image_050.jpg



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Yesterday we started to find HORNETS in our house. Today after I got home from the store one landed on Harman and that was the end of THAT for me. I can kill mice, spiders, snakes OK no problem. Trying to chase this hornet down today I was almost in TEARS. I found out I have a phobia, if you will, of being chased and that is what it felt like, me with a shoe in each hand running around the kitchen swinging wildly in the air at this *^%! bug! I called the pest control people and he was here with in the hour. (It probably helped that I was in mass hysterics on the phone with his secretary!) I found out they are actually YELLOW JACKETS probably living in our walls coming out of hibernation. (ahhhhhhh) NOW the house is being sprayed down and we are going to spend the night at my mom’s while they all die a slow and dreadful death which yes I am totally OK with!

250px-european_wasp_white_bg.jpg cartoon-bee.gif


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Saturday my cousin John got married. The wedding was at my mom’s house because lets face it that girl knows how to throw a party. It was soooo much fun putting it together and having everyone there! Here are a few pics.

img_1483.JPG img_1880.JPG

img_1879.JPG img_1495.JPG

img_1493.JPG img_1884.JPG


Easter Basket

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Not real sure what that basket on the table in the living room was all about it took Harm a few minutes to warm up to the idea of playing with it.

img_1458.JPG img_1459.JPG

img_1463.JPG img_1467.JPG

The bubbles were definitely a hit!

img_1471.JPG img_1473.JPG

img_1475.JPG img_1477.JPG


Fun Tag

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I found this Couples TAG while I was blog hopping (you know you do it too don’t act like you don’t!) And since our wedding anniversary is coming up I thought it was appropriate and pretty fun to reminisce! I Tag the following: Mand, Niki, Kate,Syd, Katie, Monica, and anyone else who is bored and would like to entertain us with their love story!

How did you meet your spouse?
He was my roommate’s home teacher in Provo.

Where did you go on your first date? And who asked who out?
Wow this one takes some doing because we DID NOT date alone just the two of us for quite a while. He would come over to see “my roommates”and I would go into the other room because I thought he was obnoxious and overly gregarious. Our first date was a group date. My roommates, who had identified my aversion to him as actual attraction, persuaded me to ask him to a girl as guy dance, we went ice staking.


How long have you been together?
We dated for 7 months, engagement included, and we have been married for 5 years this April! How exciting/crazy is that?!!


Who eats more?
That is a question that doesn’t even NEED answering if you know my husband at ALL.

Who said I love you first?
I’m sure it was Ben and I’m sure he remembers where we were and what we were wearing, I haven’t the slightest recollection. Falling in love with Ben, though I was oblivious to the fact that’s what was happening at first, just seemed right.


Who is taller? Who sings better? Who is smarter?
These are three separate questions but to simplify this I will answer BEN hands down to all three!

Who does the laundry?
Technically that would be me, but when we first got married I was in Hygiene school and Ben was looking for a job and he took over A LOT of the house hold chores and did them quite well I might add. He still helps me fold and put away the laundry because he knows it’s my LEAST favorite thing to do.

Who does the dishes?
I do the dishes but occasionally I’ll come home and they’ll be done, all but the pots and pans.


Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
When we move we always have to re-establish who sleeps on what side and if we forget we’ve had the mattress long enough now it only takes a few seconds to realize the body indentation is TOO BIG to be my side.

Who pays the bills?
Ben. However he does so using an excel program he has to FORCE me to look over every few weeks so incase of an emergency I would know what to do.

Who mows the lawn?
We share this responsibility for the most part. We don’t actually OWN a lawn mower so we will make sure it gets to our house and then one of us will mow the lawn which for the past 2 years has been no small feat!

Who cooks dinner?
I do. Sometimes I’m sure he wishes I wouldn’t and he makes a code red run to Wendy’s to make up for what ever failed dish I have mangled.


Who drives when you are together?
Ben. He will say it’s because I am genetically hardwired to SLEEP if I am in the passenger seat of a vehicle on a road trip BUT I do offer he just prefers to do the driving. Which is fine by me!

Who is more stubborn?
Loaded QUESTION. We are equally stubborn to that end we have come A LONG way in 5 years. At least now we can see that we are both being stubborn and more than likely our stances are NOT going to change so we try to look at the matter at hand in a different light. Usually this is how we keep the peace at our house.

Who is the first to admit when they’re wrong?
Oh man it is NEVER…or at least HARDLY EVER me. Which is sad to realize but Ben is really good at realizing his mistakes. I eventually come around.

Where is your favorite vacation spot/places to visit?
We love the Oregon coast! Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock and ice cream at Tillamook Cheese Factory it doesn’t get any better then that!!

hm-oregon.jpg hm-tillamook.jpg

Whose parents do you see the most?
We live exactly 3 miles from my mom and dad for now so they would be the correct answer to this question. We are really going to miss ALL of them when we move. I hope there is a DOG in our new neighborhood because as it is now we make at least a trip a day over there so Harm can play with Jordan and Lilly.

Who kissed who first?
Ben kissed me and it was terribly awkward and weird, and we laugh about it now. He felt so bad after because he thought he’d hurt my feelings or that I was mad at him because it was THAT BAD.

To accurately describe what ACTUALLY happened I would have to start off by saying Ben was a relentless FLIRT with everyone so the lines of intent were not clearly drawn. I was in a state of SHOCK when he leaned in to kiss me and I never really (we’ll say) “reciprocated” I just stood there dazed and confused and a bit disappointed in my self for missing out on an opportunity to hit him in the face. I couldn’t stand him half the time the other half the time I was just as googily eyed as the rest of them and it annoyed me! Like I said we laugh about it now and the second time around was an obvious improvement!

Who Proposed? When or HOW did you know he was the “ONE”
Ben proposed to me, next to the Twin Falls Bridge which is SOOOOO ironic because I hate heights and I hate bridges but I now hold a very soft spot in my heart for it. I knew over time Ben was the one, we’ll call it a continuum of confirmations. We would go to church together and he would turn into this serious person with a testimony and responsibility and he would say things I’d never heard other guys I’d dated say and it blew me away. I think I was hooked after a few Sundays.

Who is more sensitive?
Ben is pretty sensitive in nature but I can probably own up to this one.

Who has more friends?
Ben has a group of roommates that he is still close with from college and I think that’s cool. My best friends have been my best friends since I was in sunbeams so it goes both ways. I give Ben a hard time because if you ask him who his best friends are besides me he’ll say Clint and Tim. He probably needs to get out more! JUST KIDDING!


Who has more siblings?
my 6 to his 3. He has been baptized my FIRE marrying into this family of mine. He loves them ALL though!

Who wears the pants in the family?
Ben of course! Ha ha! If you ask Ben what phrases are commonly spoken around our house he would answer: “Are you freaking kidding me?” commonly followed by “Get over it dear” SOOOOOO I’d have to say there is a leg for each of us in this relationship. We keep each other grounded and that is all we can ask for sometimes!!




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