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Today I consider myself going where NO BLOGGER has gone before. As most of you know this last week we were in California with the entire (minus some, plus some) Harman Fam. We did Disneyland & Sea World and every thing in between…in the words of Mathis…IT- WAS- AWESOME! I will now ATTEMPT to document the entire trip on one blog page…I get giddy just thinking of the challenge! Here goes nothing!

FIRST we began with the packing…Harman was extremely helpful…one in two out…one in two out!

img_0506.jpg img_0500.jpg

Then it was off to Aunt Jill’s where Harman got to spend the WHOLE WEEK! Before we even left he had the place figured out and Aunt Jill & Family were kind enough to allow Harm to play in the pots and pans!


To the airport we RAN! Grandma was keeping track and NO ONE was to be late! 10:00 AM SHARP! If this isn’t the scariest looking bunch a TSA crew ever saw I don’t know what is! 44 Harmans!! Duke got to meet the pilots & Ben and I got to sit by Duke on his VERY FIRST plane ride ever! It was truly an experience!

img_1075.jpg img_1076.jpg img_1079.jpg img_1082.jpg img_1081.jpg

We arrived in LAX all in one piece with ALL our luggage! GO DELTA! At the car rental we hopped into 7 mini vans! We were a force on the crazy Cali freeways but Ben,Brent and Kurt had GARMIN GPS thanks to Uncle Paul and we were never (very) lost! Our Hotel in Anehiem was literally across the STREET from Disneyland. A sea of red sweatshirts is how we could be identified walking hand in hand to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!

img_1095.jpg img_1097.jpg img_1093.jpg

FUN TIMES WERE HAD BY ALL and we cried when we had to leave! SOME were more out going than others…a group of brave souls SHUT THE PARK DOWN at midnight! The Teacups were a MUST!

img_1100.jpg img_1101.jpg img_0540.jpg img_0537.jpg img_1106.jpg img_1119.jpg

Doing things in a large GROUP has it’s advantages. From making cookies that look like Mickey to…FAST PASSES. Aunt Shell was hands down our Churro Consumer Extraordinare…her goal was 5 in a day I’m not sure if she hit the mark or not?

img_0549.jpg img_0556.jpg img_0558.jpg img_1114.jpg img_1116.jpg img_0555.jpg

The “Tough Being a Bug”show was a favorite(for most, for some those deep emotional scars still remain) We all met up for some BUGGY FUN!

img_0544.jpg img_1146.jpg img_1149.jpg img_1147.jpg img_0539.jpg img_1175.jpg

So I don’t know what it is about Disneyland at Christmas time but it makes you feel like a little kid again! Our family has a bit of an OBSESSIONS with the “It’s a Small World” feature! We love it, mostly thanks to our Grandpa Rob! And at Christmas they do it all Holiday Style! It’s amazing!

img_1163.jpg img_1167.jpg img_0529.jpg img_0580.jpg img_1123.jpg img_0583.jpg

The Fireworks were OFF THE CHART and we had great front row seats!

img_0573.jpg img_0571.jpg img_0574.jpg






And lets not forget these 2 with out whom this trip would not have happened…WE LOVE YOU!!!!





A little Preview

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So around our house we’ve been getting a little taste of how our first Christmas Day with Harm will go. He LOVES the presents. Grandma and Grandpa Gaby just sent their’s and Harman is enthralled with them. I can’t keep him away. I had to sacrifice one box Mellnie sent and one bow…I’m sure these will not be the last Christmas present causalities as you will see Harm is very VERY mobile!

img_0477.jpg img_0481.jpg img_0476.jpg img_0487.jpg

And for those of you who have been asking here is Harm in full crawl mode. He is usually crawling to something he shouldn’t be…funny how that works. I think it’s hilarious when he looks at me before he grabs something he’s not supposed to! I’m putty in his hands and he knows it! He’s always getting good at saying “Ah-Oh” you can here him say it in this video!

Make an on-line slide show at www.OneTrueMedia.com


Sad Sad Little Boy

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A few weeks ago we took Harman to an Allergy Specialist only to confirm he is indeed his father’s son and he has asthma. We were hoping some genes would go unseen but to no avail. Friday Harm started coughing…again and by Friday night he was a mess. So last night he got to start his first session with a nebulizer. In some regards Harm is more like his mother than his father ie: anything covering the face MUST BE DESTROYED.  This first bout did NOT GO WELL!

img_0469.jpg img_0470.jpg

So today we stayed home from church just me and Harm and I had to do this to my baby all by my self…rough stuff but he’s getting less irate about it…baby steps.

img_0472.jpg img_0471.jpg img_0473.jpg


If you’re BEASTY and you know it…Raise your hand

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So another outing to cut down the tree and I have to say it went much better than last year. Oh don’t worry it was snowing and the roads were slick as can be BUT we believe there are power in numbers, we took the whole Eames crew with us this year. (Any time Grandpa Timmy is on your side you are sure to be safe!) Not to mention some one HAD to stay in the car with Harman, I volunteered whole heartedly! (I’m reading the Twilight Series so any spare time I have is precious!)

Here was our first sign that this was NOT going to be easy, when we got to our “designated” spot, we found the road closed off! Didn’t slow down Ben and Dad though, on ward and up ward!

img_0411.jpg img_0409.jpg img_0410.jpg

There was time along the way, looking for those PERFECT TREES to have some fun! Dad and Ben found just that and away they went. **DISCLAIMER** Sadie never ACTUALLY used the saw!

img_0454.jpg img_0437.jpg img_0434.jpg

From the sounds of it cutting the trees down was the easy part, dragging them out of there was the hard part. If any of you know my dad REAL well it will NOT surprise you that he carried an entire tree down the hill through a creek up the hill and to the car… BY HIMSELF and beat the whole crew down the mountain by about 10 minutes! He’s the gold standard of the word: BEASTY! (we use that word alot in our family…it’s a compliment if you were wondering!) Duke did not have fun the ENTIRE time his gloves were not the best and he was bawling by the time he reached the car, begging us to take the “shortcut” home so he could get in the shower asap!

img_0442.jpg img_0457.jpg

We strapped the tree to the car using just one bungy cord…just what I had always dreamed of, pulling a National Lampoon’s on the way down Pomerell Mountain. We ended our excursion with a stop by the Sage Mountain Grill for pizza!

img_0458.jpg img_0466.jpg

Here’s some video footage my mom took of Sadie and Ben trying to get the tree over the creek and directly up the hill. YES for those of you wondering that is Ben screaming like a girl when some of the branches jab him in the eye.

Make an on-line slide show at www.OneTrueMedia.com


We’re Back in Business

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Well thanks to Teresa and Giancarlo we have our camera back now and we’re back in business. I can finally show you their cute new addition! From everything Ben and I could tell she’s a perfect baby, happy and sleeps well. Take a look at all that hair!

img_0386.jpg img_0393.jpg img_0397.jpg img_0385.jpg

Don’t you just want to KISS her?!

Well our trip to and from Las Vegas was event-less. Unless you happen to be IN either airport and were watching the spectacles named “GABY” trying to carry our 3 bags, our baby in his stroller, his car seat, diaper bag…it was probably quite the site! (We know Kath and Mand have flown with their children SOLO we take our hats of to you!!) Flying with kids brings a whole new meaning to the word “MAIN ATTRACTION” every where we went Harm was the center of attention much to my dismay as I was hoping he’s just fall asleep! On the flight there Harm got his own seat which may seem nonessential to most of you who have 9 month olds but when the 9 month old is pushing 25 pounds it is a BLESSING trust me! He thought he was so big and his favorite object was not ANYTHING we packed in the diaper bag to keep him busy…BUT the safety card, if we had to exit the plane in a rush, this kid was going to be prepared!

img_0376.jpg img_0366.jpg

Once we were in Vegas it was party party party. And for the record, Giancarlo stayed up past 9:00 two whole nights in a row! Harm got to play with boy toys, trucks, blocks, something his mother has neglected. And he was quite fond of Uncle Giancarlo and his scruffiness who affectionately referred to Harm as a “Belly Whopper” Thanks for the fun Vegas Bunch! Can’t wait to see you at Christmas!!

img_0398.jpg img_0405.jpg

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