Viva Las Vegas!

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Well our Thanksgiving was full of fun and family in LAS VEGAS! We had a blast with the Pesci’s and their new baby Francesca, who is the cutest baby girl we’ve ever seen! You will have to take our word for it though because we left our camera in the city that never sleeps! Teres is too good to me and is sending it in the mail. Until it arrives this pic will have to suffice!


On the Move

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SO Harm is getting mobile. Not quite brave enough to crawl but MOST defiantly sick of sitting and watching the world pass him by! Tonight I was at the computer and I set him down with is ball to play with…


I look over two seconds later and here he is pulling himself up the set of drawers!

img_0352.jpg img_0353.jpg img_0356.jpg


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If you’re like me you had no idea what this meant? Well luckily for me my cousin Mand left directions for me to follow so here goes nothing

7 things about me…. momlittle-harm.jpg img_0034.jpg

1) I’m a closet chef. My husband will be in disbelief but I really love to cook outrageous things I see on the Food Network or in the latest copy of Taste of Home. I’m pretty brave too, there isn’t anything I won’t try (and demand Ben eat) at least once!

2) When I was studying abroad in Europe I was inappropriately groped (although I am sure it’s NEVER appropriate to get groped…ever) while taking a ride on the Eiffel Tower Elevator. This greasy guy put his hand on my bum and did not let go until we got to the top. We were CRAMMED in there like sardines so my elbows were pinned down because trust me I was TRYING to defend my posterior. When we got to the top (finally) and we were getting off I turned to face my assailant and lucky I didn’t flatten the guy as I had intended because he looked pretty rough!

3) When I was little I ATE THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS from my mom’s storage room and YES I blamed their disappearance on my sister Natalie!!! I’M SORRY!! Wow- I am glad to have that off my chest, Nunnie am I forgiven?

4) I like slobber… of sorts. I’m a dental hygienist and I am proud of the fact I overcame my aversion to strong smells and I now clean peoples dirty, smelly teeth for a living. Blood, spit, gew, I am soo beasty!

5) I think my husband is the funniest person alive. Seriously no one makes me laugh as hard as him and I love him for it! There is nothing I enjoy MORE than coming home from work only to end up laughing so hard I can’t eat my dinner because of something he’s said, or done, or NOT done! Coming in at a close second is my son Harman. And then my Uncle Kent.

6) My best friends are mainly my family (and Syd & Kath who ARE family in my book!) My cousins, my aunts, my mom & my dad my sisters, my grandmas, grandpas, uncles, brothers I am so lucky to be so blessed to call those I am related to my very “best-est” (as Duke would say) of friends!

7) One of my favorite memories as a “youth” would HAVE to be one of the fun trips my parents took us on. We would go to Yellowstone, or Bryce Canyon. We started a tradition of going to the Oregon Coast. Ben and I hope to carry this tradition on with our kids. One time while we were in these little motor boats “Crabbing” with my Uncle Kent he needed to use the “ON-THE-WATER-POTTY” You could SMELL this thing coming a MILE away it was so gross we were tempted to throw him out and make him swim to it, but we were kind and drove right up to it, not sure if he would come out alive or not, he went in, and for the next 2 minute he could be heard in CALIFORNIA I’m SURE singing at the TOP of his lungs “I’VE SEEN FIRE and I’VE SEEN RAIN!” just to try and distract himself from the smell of it all. To this day I cannot hear that song with out BURSTING into hysterical laughter!
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We’re thinking offensive lineman??

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Uncle Jake what do you think? Nose tackle? We leave it in your hands.

Make an on-line slide show at www.OneTrueMedia.com

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