Happy Halloween

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Our first Halloween ever! I can’t remember the last time I dressed up but the combo of the Annual Ward Trunk-or-Treat and this being Harm’s first Halloween we went all out. Harm and I hit the Northside w/ Grandpa Timmy and the kids as the Tortoise and the Hare! Harman also got his first taste of Pumpkin at Grandma Cari’s famous Halloween Dinner!
img_0329.jpg img_0312.jpg img_0317.jpg img_0311.jpg img_0327.jpg

Harm found some of his VERY BEST FRIENDS EVER at the Trunk-or-Treat: THE CONDIE’S!!! Heidi is his second mother, and Keagen always makes him smile! He didn’t really know what to think of Riley who was dressed as REBECCA, but he warmed up to him eventually.

img_0333.jpg img_0334.jpg img_0332.jpg


A Moment

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Tonight I had what I like to refer to as a “HOLY CRAP” Moment!

This is our friend Garth Crane. He came over for a meeting Ben was having w/ the young men tonight. When he started playing with Harman the sick little baby, who just minutes before was laying on my shoulder staring off into space, he started smiling and giggling! Garth refers to Harm as Garth and has babysat for us in the past. So the moment I am referring to came when I took these pictures and was looking at them later and realized I USE TO BABYSIT THIS GARTH! I remember when he was born and came home from the hospital, and went back to the hospital and so on and so forth, and here he is today in my living room holding MY HARMAN GARTH!!! Life is too crazy to comprehend sometimes! I just hope our Harman Garth turns out to be half as wonderful as this Garth and the amazing family he comes from!





Incredible Hulk Lives On

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Tonight Ben was doing an Incredible Hulk imitation and see for yourself Harm’s a quick study! We laughed our heads off!

Make an on-line slide show at www.OneTrueMedia.com


Play Date

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Friday Harman had his first play date! And of course it was little Missy McKinlee Mae! She got to play all day and I am just sure they are on their way to falling madly in love! As long as Harman leaves her “Teddy” bear alone that girl is vicious about keeping him to herself!
We started off the day by taking a bath. McKinlee was not so sure about sharing her tub time with a boy!
img_0290.jpg img_0286.jpg img_0291.jpg

McKinlee is almost walking now and Harman would get VERY upset when she would walk or crawl out of his site. McKinlee is a good helper and if Harm ever spit out his pacifier she would shove it right back in his mouth, when he wouldn’t take it she would bring it to me! We had a very fun day and look forward to seeing Little Red at our house again!

img_0295.jpg img_0296.jpg

A Harvest Story

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Twas the week after potato harvest and all through the town
Not a creature was stirring the cellars were all shut down.

harvest3.JPG harvest5.JPG

The neighbors were all snug in their sweet little houses

harvest-home1.JPG harvest7.JPG

While visions of beet harvest danced in their heads!

harvest-4.JPG harvest6.JPG

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

Uncle Kent in a clown suit very stylish for this time of year!
Merry Harvest to all, and of this man you may wish to steer clear!

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