If you give a Moose a Muffin

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Today Harm was sick and stayed home from church. A nasty little cold did not slow his appetite down. He’s reached that stage where if you’re eating, he DEMANDS to eat what you’re eating. Ben had a chocolate muffin and much to my disapproval he was sharing at Harman’s requests.

img_0092.jpg img_0093.jpg img_0090.jpg img_0096.jpg

Harman likes to be where the action is. Here he is helping me with dinner.

img_0076.jpg img_0077.jpg img_0078.jpg

Here are some pics of Harm and his Grandpa Garth at my mom’s annual Moon Festival! He loves Grandpa Garth!

img_0080.jpg img_0083.jpg


First time Mom (& Grandma)

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This was my first photo shoot with Harm as a new mom. These things sort of stress me out, I don’t know why? They shouldn’t. My dear mother thought it would be fun to have Harm and Duke’s pictures taken together and I knew she was right.

We get to Wal-Mart and we get the boys pictures taken together with out much trauma, then it’s Duke’s turn. The gal taking the pictures gets him all situated then turns to my mom and say, “Now Smile for GRANDMA!”
For us this is not an uncommon misconception. People often mistake me for a 25 year old mother with a five year old and newborn, dragging Grandma through the mall or Wal-Mart or where ever we may be. (When in reality it is the GRANDMA who is dragging us.) The pictures turned out great and needless to say the first time mom and Grandma survived to tell about it! Enjoy!














Grandma Tweet’s DREAM

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This ones for you babe!

Make an on-line slide show at www.OneTrueMedia.com

The rest of the story:
Harm loves to listen to Ben play the piano. Tonight he threw a fit because Ben was playing and he wanted to join in. He must get the “Desire” to play from his dad’s side!


Gaby’s go to Boise!

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We got to go visit Clint and Syd this weekend. I had to take some CE courses so Harm and Ben stayed with Syd and McKinlee! We had so much fun, here are some of the fun things we did!


Happy Birthday Uncle Nate #21!

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We had a surprise CAMO party for Nate and Harman was in full costume! The camo outfit was given to him by his Uncle Duke. Fun was had by all we unfortunately did NOT get around to playing “Pin the Shotgun Shell on the Goose” maybe next year!

sunflower-pictures-aug-07-119.jpg sunflower-pictures-aug-07-118.jpg

On Wednesday mornings when I go to work Harm is still asleep, this is a picture my mom took, it is a little insight as to what Harm has to wake up to over there, Duke telling him it’s time to RISE & SHINE. We are happy to report that Duke has successfully learned how to say NEPHEW, as opposed to F-EW which is what it was sounding like when he was first telling every one he was an uncle! They have a “special” relationship. Grandpa Tim is sure Harm will be bigger than Duke in about oh…say 4 months!

sunflower-pictures-aug-07-071.jpg img_0153.jpg img_0157.jpg

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