Daddy’s Little Boy

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Just a little something I thought I’d put together to illustrate the father son bond that has been created over the past 6 months. I know I’m biased but they’re pretty cute together! Enjoy.

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8 seconds

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Harm has a new jumper and has recently learned there are hours of fun to be had in it. We would like Uncle Jack among others to take note of the 8 second hold he has at the beginning. I think we’ve got ourselves a dead ringer for rodeo! GET THIS KIDS SOME BOOTS!

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Fun in the SUNflowers

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We upgraded. Our old camera finally gave up the ghost. So we HAD to make the trip to the Best Buy and search out the latest in digicam technologies. It is a GOOD thing Old Navy is with in walking distance of Best Buy, my attention span when words like mega pixels and optimal zoom are being thrown around is pretty much obsolete. We are just learning but here are some moments we’ve captured with the new toy.

Harman was, of course, our first test subject. It can’t get any cuter than this!

Harm’s toy Always Happy

My mom’s dream of having tall sunflower by the shop FINALLY came true this year. No one sprayed them with round up, they didn’t die in the heat! So in her honor we tested the color swap option on the camera, very cool feature! (However, we were working with pretty stunning subjects!)

img_0056.jpg img_0034.jpg img_0066.jpg


Summer at a Glance

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SUMMER IS COMING TO AN END ALL TOO SOON! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

May- Harman was blessed May 3rd. And our friend Amanda came to visit from Canada, we had a blast while she was here.

lots-of-smiles.jpg 100_24211.jpg

June- Harman enters what Ben calls the OFFICIAL FUN STAGE he’s playing with his toys.
We head to Uncle Jack’s pool to beat the summer heat
McKinlee Adams come to play at our house.

100_2484.jpg 100_2510.jpg 100_2585.jpg Together Monkey

We were Busy in June we went to Catalina Island w/ the Eames’ and spent time in Long Beach CA
Ben and I went to Wicked, a truly amazing experience the theater was in down town LA, Ben’s old mission stomping grounds!

Welcom to Catalina Ben and Jess at the dock WICKED
July-The 4th is always a HUGE deal in Rupert. Harm’s favorite part was sitting by his grandpas in during the parade we also enjoyed every las MINUTE of Uncle Jack’s spectacular fire works production! Harman included!
Ben took off on his first big hike with the Varsity scouts to Solider Lakes in Central Idaho.

100_2643.jpg 100_2639.jpg Ben at Big Soldier Mountain elev.10,000 ft.

Here are some pictures our friend and FABULOUS photographer Cindy Singleton took at the firework show at Uncle Jack’s. To see more of Cindy’s amazing work go to www.daydreamsart.com She is one of the best!

ss-4th-of-july-1.jpg ss-4th-of-july-2.jpg

August-We took Duke and Harman to Provo and drove around, stopped and reminisced over the good old days at Singletree and James Town where Ben and I met.
Harman is getting so big and likes to spend time with his dad, they are working on tricks that by the time Harm is 4 will make him eligible to perform in the Circus! Aunt Ivie is one of Harm’s best friends! We will be sad when the kids go back to school.

100_2768.jpg 100_2766.jpg 100_27911.jpg


Welcome To Our Group

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This is our futile atempt to keep in touch with those we love ( and even those we like only a little)
We hope you will enjoy reading about us as much as we do!
As of today’s date:
Ben is madly studying for the GMAT
Jess is successfully multitasking for the first time IN her life…working and being a mother (Thanks to her family)
Harman is just about the cutest thing on the face of the planet!!!
Here are some pictures of his first trip to the ZOO!

Asleep asleep….at the Zoo Hogle Zoo Grandma Loves Me

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